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Monday, June 21, 2010

Honesty is the best policy.

Credit goes to: Vivacious Closet

I love the owner of this preloved blogshop. She's very friendly, nice and best of all, honest.

I was interested in buying one of her used Coach wallets for my mum as a gift because from her pictures posted up at her site, the wallet looks fine to me even though it's white and has been used.

So, I emailed her to ask more details about the used wallet, like whether there are any yellowish stains on the white parts, whether it's actually looks used in real and so on.

When I got her reply, I had a pleasant surprise. She mentioned all the flaws to me one by one and said that it does look used and that SHE WILL DEFINTELY NOT SELL IT TO ME AS A GIFT FOR MY MUM because of it's used condition :)

I was really taken aback by her honesty as it was really nice of her. She even recommended me to BUY FROM ANOTHER STORE and even gave me the links and everything.

I really appreciate her great service to her customers and definitely recommend her preloved blogshop to all who are hunting for bargains.

Support honest sellers like her! :)

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