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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The best of the lot!

Credit goes to: 7 ' s e n s e

I was browsing through her blog shop when I saw a few dresses that caught my eye. Immediately, I e-mailed the seller about the measurements and she promptly replied the e-mail. Anyway, we exchanged a few casual banters which totally cracked me up 'cos she was really humourous too! Even when I couldn't make up my decision to buy one of the dress, she was still polite! She isn't just a "seller", she is like a friend to me already now! And her emails are VERY polite and friendly. When I (finally!) chose to buy a dress, I had a hard time deciding on one. The seller tried to help me and gave me her suggestions!

I confirmed a slot of COD. However, she doesn't do COD as she lives quite far away; but she made an exception for me. Imagine this: would ANY of you be willing to do this if it would take more than 30-45 minutes to reach the place of COD? She didn't even charge me for it, nor complain about it! Tell me! Isn't she AMAZINGLY nice or what?! :)

If you think this is enough to make you say 'OMG, such a sweet and nice seller...', you've barely heard the rest. She must have known that I had trouble deciding between one of the two dresses, and she emailed me saying that she will take the two dresses I am so madly in love with for me to choose! You can imagine how I feel; if I was really appreciative and happy, I was bursting with happiness now!

You know, of all the sellers I have encountered, she TRUMPS them all. She is definitely one great seller, and is the best among all of them as she does not put the price tag on just a dress, but she put it and goes all out for her customers, making them feel happy and ecstatic when they shop. I'm a buyer, so I know how it is like to be ignored and hassled.

The COD with her was brilliant. She brought her bf and the dresses along, just as she had promised, and they make a cute couple! (sorry, out of topic!) She was even early by 15 minutes, and I reached there just in time! She suggested us to have dinner together too! I agreed, and we had dinner together. It was beyond excellent! They were quite chatty and made all my nervousness fade away! They even belanja-ed me the meal; and wouldn't take a single cent for the meal payment! I was shocked!

Not only that, they even wanted to send me back safely home although they have a movie scheduled at 9pm! Furthermore, my meal was already more than RM10 and she wanted to give me a discount for the dress! I said 'No' as she already did so much for me, even more than what a friend could do. If it wasn't because of we are in public, I would have given them a hug! We parted ways soon after, with the best COD and online shopping experience that I've ever had.

Do support her! It's a new blogshop but she's got great taste in clothes! It can also fit people from a range of size S-XL. But what I'm proud of is, she finally restored my faith to buy online. Don't change a thing! I will definitely support her!

P/S: To blogshop owner, you HAVE good English! Don't deny it. :) Now, I have nothing to say.


The team SPEAKS: By far, one of the BEST submission. When we read it, we were in disbelief! You can bet that we went :O :O Five word says it all: WOW! What an exemplary seller!

**Updated on 04/08/2010, 10:39PM

A note from the team: The author of this post forwarded her conversation to us and yeap, no doubts, what was written above were all REAL! :) Two thumbs up to the seller of 7 ' s e n s e, y'all! :D The convo will only be posted up here if both parties are okay with it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Very grateful

Credit goes to: Bunch of Wildflowers

The seller was extremely kind to COD with me. She even managed to smile at me and thank me afer jamming through the whole way to meet me. (i forgot that at that particular time, the area at which I requested to COD at was always jammed.) Sorry seller! But she was very courteous. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

One Satisfied COD Customer!

Credit goes to: Tanks For 5 & Those Neon Lights

I have two COD last Friday. One with Tanks for 5 at their shop @ SS15 and another one with Those Neon Lights at USJ Taipan. Both sellers are very nice, friendly and good. They also replied my email and smses very promptly. I seriously recommended these two blogshop.

Those Neon Lights seller doesn't makes me wait for her. By the time I smsed her that I already at McD Taipan, she quickly came there and passed my order. I'm really really satisfied with the service given. Plus, Tanks for 5 and Those Neon Lights stuff are very good in quality and very affordable too! Thanks to both blogshops owner :) 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

honest,friendly,reliable,good service,fast and efficient

Credit goes to: VOCK Fashion

It was very convenient purchasing their beautiful handmade jewelery because they provide cash on delivery in PJ and Ipoh.They also have a very wide choice of accessories for young working ladies to matured ladies.And they really need more support too.Do read their story behind their biz.
So,to all the ladies out there... Plz give them your support! you wont regret buying from them..:)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Honesty is the best policy.

Credit goes to: Vivacious Closet

I love the owner of this preloved blogshop. She's very friendly, nice and best of all, honest.

I was interested in buying one of her used Coach wallets for my mum as a gift because from her pictures posted up at her site, the wallet looks fine to me even though it's white and has been used.

So, I emailed her to ask more details about the used wallet, like whether there are any yellowish stains on the white parts, whether it's actually looks used in real and so on.

When I got her reply, I had a pleasant surprise. She mentioned all the flaws to me one by one and said that it does look used and that SHE WILL DEFINTELY NOT SELL IT TO ME AS A GIFT FOR MY MUM because of it's used condition :)

I was really taken aback by her honesty as it was really nice of her. She even recommended me to BUY FROM ANOTHER STORE and even gave me the links and everything.

I really appreciate her great service to her customers and definitely recommend her preloved blogshop to all who are hunting for bargains.

Support honest sellers like her! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

THE B-O-M-B, oh yeaaaah! :D

Credit goes to: Volver Clothier


Well, I was interested in 2 items. So the total was quite a huge amount (at least to me it was) and I asked what is the best price they can offer?

To that, the owner replied that if I could guess which picture has an "easter egg" (do not take it literally), I would get a 10% disc.

And so the guessing game begins! The owner was really nice to drop hints and whatnots but still, I couldn't get it right. :( Brain wasn't functioning too well lately, me thinks! Pffft.

After sooooo many guesses, I finally got one that was really, really close and the owner said she would just give me the discount for my effort. WOOOHHOOO~

What I like about them is that, they are really interactive and take time out to entertain the customers. Unlike some other snobbish owners I came across; by asking them simple questions they will make it seem as if I am taking up so much of their time and answers rudely. PFFFT!

But NO, owners at Volver Clothier are NOT like that. In fact, it took me quite a while to set a COD date. But hey, they still kept the items for me. I know of many many other sellers who will just sell it off and not be bothered to COD!

In short, I will DEFINITELY shop with Volver Clothier again. No doubts, they deserve this recognition :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

One happy customer

Credit goes to: SugarPoppins

I have fallen in love with hair bands ever since I watched Gossip Girls. Been searching high and low for nice ones, but being a student, I have limited funds. Found some in shopping malls, they are nice but are very costly too.

Imagine how happy I was when I found out from one of the blog review sites (Shopaholic's Den I think) about those nice and sweet hair bands from SugarPoppins. All selling at RM10!

I contacted the seller and she was really very nice. I managed to get 3 for the price of one I get in the malls. When my parcel arrives, the hairbands were all nicely packed in a box for me and I didn't have to worry about them being squashed.

Just wanna give them the credits for being so nice and patient as I did ask them many questions and all. I'll definitely save up and be back to shop with them.