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Saturday, May 22, 2010

THE B-O-M-B, oh yeaaaah! :D

Credit goes to: Volver Clothier


Well, I was interested in 2 items. So the total was quite a huge amount (at least to me it was) and I asked what is the best price they can offer?

To that, the owner replied that if I could guess which picture has an "easter egg" (do not take it literally), I would get a 10% disc.

And so the guessing game begins! The owner was really nice to drop hints and whatnots but still, I couldn't get it right. :( Brain wasn't functioning too well lately, me thinks! Pffft.

After sooooo many guesses, I finally got one that was really, really close and the owner said she would just give me the discount for my effort. WOOOHHOOO~

What I like about them is that, they are really interactive and take time out to entertain the customers. Unlike some other snobbish owners I came across; by asking them simple questions they will make it seem as if I am taking up so much of their time and answers rudely. PFFFT!

But NO, owners at Volver Clothier are NOT like that. In fact, it took me quite a while to set a COD date. But hey, they still kept the items for me. I know of many many other sellers who will just sell it off and not be bothered to COD!

In short, I will DEFINITELY shop with Volver Clothier again. No doubts, they deserve this recognition :)

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