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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bubbling with sweet goodness!

Credit goes to: Sammy Paperdoll Shop

Besides, selling really quirky, unique items, honestly, other sellers could learn a thing or two from her when it comes to service, especially.

Extremely friendly over the e-mail and even more in person. You can't help but being as hyper as her when she's around. Basically she makes you feel comfortable without the needless business air/tension!

So even if you're yet to buy anything from her, she'll patiently attend to all your inquiries, etc. Then again, the things in her blogshop are so adorable, how can anyone resist buying something from her?!

Bought a military jacket and reserved a dress from her. This further concludes that I am very satisfied in doing business with her and will continue doing so! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ah! Ethical Seller.

Credit goes to: Peep.

I bought a butterfly ring for rm19 from her along with a pair of lace glove.

The lace glove was superb but the ring was packed horribly arrived to me in a different shape than it was supposed to be. It cannot be wear anymore.

So, i emailed the seller along with picture as prove. And she immediately offer refund and the money was transfered that very evening. Love her! :)

For the Love of Good Service!

Credit goes to: Tangerine Loft

My friend decided to buy a dress for me for my birthday online, so I decided on one dress (which, mind you, only cost RM10!) and contacted her about it. I have forgotten much about the details on how we became casual friends, but the seller was so sweet all the way, and so patient! I gave her my blog address because I featured her dress there. I guess from there, she found out my birthday is coming soon, because not only did I receive the cute dress in superb condition, I also received a cute knitted hat as a gift and a birthday card! How super is that of a seller you just knew and bought from once? And to think she barely made any profit from that dress I got. I will never forget her very kind gesture, and will continue to stalk her shop for more great updates and guaranteed good service!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Totally LOVE Their Clothes and Service!

Credit goes to: I ♥ This !

A month ago, I bought two really pretty dresses and a top from this blogshop. The owners are great! They are really friendly and helpful. Whenever I ask about the measurements about a dress/top, they did not hesitate at all! Instead, they gave me all the measurements as well as clear pictures of the items! Also, I like the way they pack the items. Unique and pretty! The best part is of course, receiving the items I ordered. They are high in quality and the colours of the clothes look exactly like the clothes the model is wearing in their blog picture! (I've had bad experiences before when it comes to the colour of clothes I see in blogshops)

I also got a 5% discount from them (I am their follower). I must say, I am indeed a very happy and satisfied customer! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Absolutely love the quality & service!

Credit goes to: Beetch

I have to say that I am really happy with the sellers of Beetch. :) I bought their best selling item - Skinnies and it was really of good quality. In addition, they are the cheapest in town. Came across other blogshops selling it for more than RM50, pffft!

They also provide really good service!! I further asked about the measurements of the skinnies and they weren't being arrogant or just reply, "Please check it out in our blog" or something along that line. In fact, they sent me a picture measurements for all the sizes and that definitely did helped a lot!

I would recommend those shopaholics who are looking for skinnies to get it from them! :D

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Freaking THUMBS UP!

Credit goes to: the.OCTOBER

Just recently, I bought this pretty necklace from the.OCTOBER! Upon receiving the item, I realized that I was told to pay extra for the parcel. She used the RM3.50, instead of the RM4.50 parcel. But I thought it wasn't really a big deal, I will just e-mail the seller and tell her about it.

So, I ripped the parcel apart excitedly and started checking out my new buy! I was slowly examining it and discovered that there were lots of scratches on it. Slowly, my excitement turned into a disappointment.

I quickly mailed the seller to inform her regarding the overcharged parcel and scratch item. She then replied me not long after saying how sorry she was for both the incidents. What surprised me was that she offered to refund me in FULL! Not only that, she even said that I can keep the necklace if I wanted to.

But I thought, that was really unethical, so I countered offer her by asking her to just pay me back about 3/4 of the total and I will keep the necklace. However, right after sending that mail to her, I found another defect on that necklace and once again mailed her to inform her about it!

She was so apologetic and insisted on the full refund. So, I obliged, provided her my bank details and she refunded me straightaway! I don't think many sellers would do that but hey, the.OCTOBER is an exception! ;) It is either they would delay in replying you or just say sorry and not doing anything about it!

Honestly, I love this seller of the.OCTOBER!! She is super responsible, efficient and kind! :) I made my payment on Tuesday and the following day she posted my item out already! :) And when I e-mailed her regarding the overcharged postage and defects on item, she replied me within minutes! Btw, I can assure that the.OCTOBER sells high quality stuffs (I bought a couple stuffs from them previously) just that, this time is an exception. Guess they took this batch stocks from a different supplier. Anywoots, I highly recommend this blogshop to all shopaholics out there!

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